Historic Landmark Survey

Wadsworth Historic Landmark Survey

Discussions began in February 1985, between the City of Wadsworth and the Department of Urban Studies at the University of Akron, regarding an inventory of historically and architecturally significant structures in Wadsworth. The study was done using graduate from the University's Department of Urban Studies who had training in city planning and historic preservation. They were assisted in training for the survey by Steven C. Gordon and Jeff Brown of the Ohio Historic Preservation Society, as well as James A. Pahlau of the Summit County Historical Society. Field work for the survey was completed primarily between April 4 and July 1, 1985.

The survey was conducted to identify historic resources in Wadsworth that should be recognized and preserved and establish a basis for further historic preservation activities in Wadsworth.

The survey was conducted to identify architectural or historical significance at either the national or local level. Specifically, two categories of properties were identified:

  1. Landmarks listed or eligible for listing on the National Register of Historic Places; or
  2. Landmarks ineligible for listing on the National Register but of local prominence.


The community was divided into four quadrants with one survey team assigned to each. Representatives of the Ohio Historical Preservation Office and the Summit County Historical Society alternated between groups to provide further assistance in identifying resources. Prior to actual field work, a list of priority properties for survey was established by Mr. David Rodich of Wadsworth, based on historical significance. Teams alternated between field work and oral history resources from local residents. Eleanor I. Schapiro's Wadsworth Heritage (1964) was a prime source for historical data for Wadsworth.

The survey teams inventoried 101 properties with one additional form completed by the Medina County Regional Planning Commission, for a total of 102 landmark properties in the survey.

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