Building & Planning

Welcome to the City of Wadsworth Building and Planning Department. On these pages you will find links to information about construction and development within the City including: what permit are necessary, how to obtain permits, and applications for building and zoning permits. Also found on these pages is information relating to property maintenance regulations, Planning Commission and Board of Zoning Appeals applications, census data and housing grant programs.

Looking For Permit Info? 


Due to recent government and health agency directives the City is attempting to protect its employees by limiting their exposure to the possible transmission of the Corona Virus from the general public.

●To limit in person visits, please call or email us   with  questions. 
●Please submit any Planning, Zoning or 
   Building applications or plans by mail if
   possible and provide an email address. 
●Payments (checks) may accompany the
   applications, or be  made after permit
   approval with a  credit card by phone.
 ●Receipts and permits will then be returned by
    email if possible or mailed.
 ●Please call the office for instructions on
    handling large sets of plans, or with other
 ●Please see the Building Department Page for information
    on remote virtual Building Inspections.

Jennifer Stefl  (Permit Processing) 330-335-2753

Kevin Hall       (Building)                  330-335-2780

Jeff Kaiser (Planning Zoning) 330-335-2752

Residential Projects

The City's Building Department certified for 1, 2 and 3 - family dwellings. View the Building Department to learn more. Building, electrical and HVAC permit issuance, plan reviews and inspections will be performed by this office. Contact the Medina County Health Department for plumbing permits and inspections.

In addition, most residential projects will also require a zoning certificate to verify that the project is in compliance with the city's zoning regulations. View Are Permits Required? (PDF) for a list of activities that require zoning certificates, building permits or both. Projects requiring a zoning certificate must include a site plan showing existing structures on the property, the dimensions and location of the proposed improvement, and its distance to relevant property lines.

Residential Building and Zoning Permit Application forms and Zoning Certificate forms can be found by visiting the Forms page or picked up on the second floor of City Hall. See How To Obtain Residential Permits (PDF).

Also see the Building Department page for residential construction standards, permit applications, inspection scheduling information and view Property Maintenance Information (PDF) to learn more.

Commercial Projects

Building permits, plan approvals and construction inspections for commercial, industrial and multi-family residential (four or more dwellings in a single building) projects are obtained through the Medina County Building Department. View the Medina County Building Department to learn more. Zoning approval for commercial projects is still under the City's jurisdiction, and zoning approval must be obtained before the County will issue any building permits.

In addition, most commercial development projects will require Planning Commission approval before a zoning certificate will be issued by the City. View Planning Commission.

View the Commercial Development Guide (PDF) for more information on the review and approval process for these projects

Links to Zoning Map & Text

The online Zoning Map shows City of Wadsworth corporate and zoning district boundaries. To learn more, view Zoning Map (DWF). To download the Autodesk Viewer, view Autodesk Viewer. To view or download a PDF version of the map, view Zoning Map.

View Zoning Code to be taken to the City's zoning code (maintained by Americal Legal Publishing).  Use links in left side-bar to reach Chapter 154.