Property Maintenance

Property Maintenance Ordinances

Property maintenance ordinances exist in the City of Wadsworth that were created to ensure that the City remains in a safe, sanitary and attractive condition. These regulations apply to properties where structures are allowed to decay; have accumulations of rubbish, garbage, or abandoned vehicles; have uncontrolled weed or plant growth; or have otherwise become a nuisance to the occupants or neighboring property owners by being a safety issue, health hazard, or are creating a blighting effect on the neighborhood.


The Building Department will investigate complaints from residents, and if warranted, will notify the property owner or other responsible persons that the nuisance condition exists and request that they remedy the situation. The City is authorized by ordinance to proceed with further action if required.

Weed / Grass Complaints

Property owners will be notified if grass and weed growth is left unmanaged. Average growth over 10 inches is considered in violation of the weed ordinance. The City will become involved when it is clear the property has become a nuisance and no mowing is being done. The ordinance is not intended for residents whose yards are not mowed as frequently as neighboring properties with un-weeded flower beds or ones with a lack of trimming.

The City may have non-compliant properties mowed, and bill the owner for the cost of the mowing. A $250.00 administrative fee is also levied.

Most violations involve abandoned properties. The legal process to mow these properties may take 3 to 4 weeks. They will generally be mowed 2 to 3 times per year.

Abandoned Properties

Properties that are involved in foreclosure proceedings or bankruptcy may be vacant for many months or even years. Once aware, the City will attempt to maintain the weed/grass growth to minimum standards. Junk and rubbish may also be removed if deemed a nuisance. Other issues such as the exterior condition of the structure, fences or outbuildings may not be addressed until a new owner takes possession.

Junk Vehicles

Vehicles required to be licensed by the State cannot be left outdoors for more than 30 days without displaying current vehicle registration.

Tenant Landlord Complaints 

Tenants are encouraged to exercise their rights by utilizing the Rent Escrow Program available through the Wadsworth Courts (330-335-1596).Tenants are otherwise responsible for maintaining clean and sanitary conditions. 


The City has no maintenance regulations relating to mold issues. For more information see Medina County Health Dept Mold Information.

Storm Water Complaints

For more information, please see Ohio's Draingage Laws.

Trees / Shrubs

Complaints relating to trees or shrubs overhanging the sidewalk or street will be addressed by the City. The Electric Department also addresses complaints involving trees that are a potential hazard to power lines. Except for the most extreme cases, the City does not address tree limbs or shrubs overhanging private property lines or dead limbs or trees on private property. Your insurance company may be able to offer assistance in potential damage situations.


Composting Guidelines