Thermostat Rebate

Program Description

Wadsworth's Peak Rewards thermostat program expired in 2022.

In 2023, we implemented a new "Smart Thermostat" program called the Wadsworth Community Energy Savings Program.

Previous Peak Rewards participants will need to purchase and install a new "smart thermostat" to participate in this new program, so we are providing them with a Wadsworth utility bill credit to help offset the purchase/installation cost.

Program Eligibility

Only applicants meeting the following three requirements are eligible to receive this credit:

  1. Account holder is a previous Peak Rewards member.
  2. Account holder has enrolled in the Wadsworth Community Energy Savings Program.
  3. Account holder has applied for an Efficiency Smart program rebate.

    Note: Even if the account holder was no longer participating in the Peak Rewards program when it expired in September 2022, the account holder still qualifies for this credit as long as the account holder participated in the program at some point during the past three calendar years (2020-22)

Click here to apply  for a thermostat rebate