ACH Authorization

What It Is

  • A way to pay your Wadsworth Utility bills without writing checks
  • A way to avoid postage costs
  • A way to ensure timely payments
  • A way to avoid lost discount or late payment fees

How It Works

First you authorize payment directly from your checking or savings account. You will receive your normal billing showing you the date and the amount to be deducted from your account. There will be time to question or stop the payment if necessary.

Note the date and amount in your account register. Your financial institution account statement will show the payment made.

Signing Up for Direct Debit Payment

Complete the authorization form and return it to the Utility Office with a voided check, if possible. This way we can retrieve accurate information about your financial institution and account. The first billing after authorization will be a "Pre-notification" to verify all routing information.

Direct Debit Payment will begin with the billing after the "Pre-notification". This can take up to 8 weeks depending on where you are in the billing cycle. You will know that the amount will be taken if on your printed bill in the right hand corner are the words "Auto-Pay".

Access the ACH Authorization Form (PDF). This form is fillable and may be either filled out on the computer or printed out and legibly written. Complete the form and send it in with a voided check to the Utility Office. Payments are deducted on the due date of your billing statement each month. We will continue to mail your bill, unless you sign up for the email notification online.