SHARE Program

The SHARE program was introduced in October, 1993, as a means to allow customers of Wadsworth Utilities to contribute to a fund which would be used only to help families in need with their utility bill payments. Fifty Dollars per account can be paid out of this fund upon the recommendation of FISH, Salvation Army, or Saint Vincent Depaul Soceity.

Approximately 1,300 customers have contributed to the program. Contributions range from 1 cent to $200 plus. A total of 908 monthly bills have been paid from SHARE funds since January 1, 1994, totaling $86,251.95. The average amount paid was $94.99


To contribute, simply fill in the "Share Program" box on your bill with the amount you wish to donate. A lot of customers "round up" their total to an even amount (every little bit helps).

You can even donate when making a payment online, just fill in the box that says "Share Program" with the amount you would like to give. This program really does make a difference in the lives of the families that are going through a tough time.