isCrack Sealing

Every summer, the Street Department applies a sealant to the joints and cracking areas of both concrete and asphalt streets. This important preventative maintenance item has been proven to lengthen the life of the street by sealing out water that eventually destroys the base or creates potholes or joint failure. By using our own forces and equipment we can save the City money that can be used to do other projects. The Street Improvement Program also has a component of this preventative maintenance that is performed by an outside contractor. Together, this two-tiered approach enables the city to rotate through the list of streets every 5 years.

Concrete Replacement

The Street Department also replaces slabs on concrete streets that have been cracked or moved by the freezing and thawing cycles. This work is done at a significant saving over having the work done as part of the Street Improvement Program. Sometimes, the entire street does not need to be replaced and the drivability and longevity can be improved by repairing certain areas. 


Using our backhoes we remove siltation and debris from the many drainage ditches in unimproved areas. These include streets without curbs and underground drainage pipes. If you have an area that you feel needs attention, please give us a call at 330-335-2842.

Rebuilding & Replacement of Catch Basins

Our annual program reconstructs between 50 and 100 catch basins. With the freeze-thaw cycle in Ohio, the top 3-4 feet of the structures deteriorate over time and need attention. The old brick constructed basins are gradually being replaced with concrete structures to assure longer life between rebuilds and less costly installation. This work is regularly done as the first step in a street resurfacing project.

Sign Placement

With around 3,300 signs on our roadways, our sign shop is routinely busy. We have a computerized system that produces high-quality signs that comply with ODOT specifications at a reduced cost and quicker timeframe than purchasing from a vendor. If you see a sign that is in need of replacement, please call the Street Department.

Striping of Pavement

City personnel do Striping of pavements and all directive markings. Major striping of center and edge lines is contracted on a yearly basis, as the machines are very expensive to do this type of painting. In some areas, a thermoplastic marking material is used that lasts four to five times of standard traffic paint.

Leaf Pick-Up

Leaf pick-up is from usually from the end of October to the beginning of December. Please click here to find more information on this year’s leaf removal program.

City Parking Lot Maintenance

There are many city-owned parking lots in downtown and throughout our many parks. The Street Department are the in-house experts on repairing and replacing asphalt, concrete, and grading. They regularly work on these areas to improve the quality of these important assets.