NPDES / Stormwater Information

NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System) is part of the Clean Water act of Ohio and has been phasing in compliance since 1998. The City of Wadsworth has a Storm Sewer Commission and meets on a regular basis to address issues that have to do with this mandate.

Detention Basins & Siltation Fencing

We currently have many detention basins that you will see throughout the area. These hold back water flow that would erode and flood downstream areas. As they fill up they let the water out on a gradual basis that helps control flooding and erosion. We are also using siltation fencing as needed to control downstream siltation. Your help with not polluting will help secure fresh water for future generations.

Ways to Limit Pollution at Home

Some good housekeeping things that a resident can do are:

  • Do not dump oils; paint thinner and any other liquids down the catch basins in the area.
  • Do not mow your grass and rake your leaves into the street as they wash down the catch basins and plug them and pollute the streams that they drain into.
  • Try to limit the use of fertilizers and pesticides that eventually get into the ground water.
  • By keeping the Street and driveway area clean you help by not adding silt to the watershed and piping system.

Efforts from the City

Some of the items that the city is doing to comply and assure a good water source are:

  • Building a dome to cover Road salt so as not to have it dissolve and cause high concentrations in the drainage areas.
  • Good housekeeping on public and private construction projects that include erosion control and detention of ground water, siltation basins on large jobs, consultation with The Medina Soil Conservation District.
  • Better street sweeping practices and disposal of debris from sweeping to an approved site.
  • A program of catch basin and manhole vacuuming and a maintenance program of flushing pipes. These items are now done as time permits and the backlog of work is significant.

Education & Training

Information can be obtained at Medina County Soil Conservation District Office or at Wadsworth City Hall. The County has started an education and training program that is reaching out to elementary and middle school children.

They also are presenting programs to organizations throughout the county upon request. A program to label catch basins with a message that helps promote the above has been presented to Scouting groups and civic organizations.