Storm Sewers

Storm Sewer and Flooding problems are handled as a priority. If you have any problems with street drainage please let us know. Storm sewers handle clean water only, such as downspouts and footer drains.

As these drain into creeks, ponds, and lakes please do not dump foreign materials or liquids into the catch basins. The City of Wadsworth is under NPDES standards as set forth by the Ohio EPA and Medina County Soil conservation district.

Stray Dogs

Please contact Wadsworth Police Dispatch at 330-334-1511 if you have found a stray dog or are looking for your lost dog.  Police Dispatch can connect you to one of the Dog Catchers. There is holding facilities for six to seven dogs only. The dogs are then transported to the Medina County Animal Shelter. Dead animals on the streets will be picked up at your request. These services are provided only inside the city limits of Wadsworth.

We have facilities for dogs only, not for cats or other animals.  We also do not have anyone to assist with the removal of nuisance animals.  


Potholes can be reported by calling 330-335-2842. We will do our best to see that they are patched as soon as possible, weather permitting.