Location & Building Information


From downtown Wadsworth City Square, take Broad Street 1.3 miles East. We are located after the second traffic light (Auble Street) on the South (right) side of Broad Street, directly across from Fairlawn Avenue.

Building Information

The offices for the Street Department are facing Broad Street in the front of the building. The garage, dog kennel and storage areas are located to the rear of the office area. The visitors' parking is located of the East Side of the building.

Building History

The front building is dated around early 1900's or late 1800's. It was originally a Power generating plant as witness the large smokestack and has served as a Water Plant, Utility Office, and Electric District Office through the years. It now serves the Street Department as an office space, storage space and sign production area, as well as housing the Dog Kennel and Parks Department offices and Storage area.

The integrity of the building has been preserved and a pitch roof replaced a flat roof in 1998. The original power plant had a pitch roof much the same as the current roof line. Our garage area is shared with the Water Distribution department and is nearly as old as the front building.

We have 2 bays and water has 4 bays as well as office space. Located across from the old garage, a large (50 feet by 110 feet) garage was added in 1996 and has 5 drive through bays. In 2002 a smaller pole building was replaced across from the Transfer Station. It houses seasonal equipment such as leaf machines, rollers, crack sealing units, and mowers.