Just as a heads up, Coaches are responsible and accountable to make sure the attached State’s mandatory requirements are adhered to and followed by everyone at their practices and games. At games, the umpire, as usual, has control, but most probably they will tell the coaches they are responsible for their team and spectators, and non-compliance could result in their team being penalized up to and including forfeiture. Notify your organization’s representative, if you have any incidence where people are questioning compliance with the State’s mandatory requirements. And as is true with all of the processes, the organization’s representative will work with the City.

Here are just a few things from the attached guidelines that I want to point out:

• Coaches, assistance coaches, scorekeepers, any non-player associated with the team must wear face coverings at all times.

• Athletes must wear face coverings at all times while not actively participating in the field of play.

• All participants, spectators, and employees must adhere to six-foot physical distancing while at the facility/course.

• Must conduct daily symptom assessments by coaches and players (self-evaluation). Anyone experiencing symptoms must stay home.*

• No touch rule – players should refrain from high fives, handshake lines, and other physical contact with teammates, opposing players, coaches, umpires, and fans. A “tip the cap” can be used following the game in lieu of the handshake line.

• No spitting or eating seeds, gum, other similar products


Sports Field Status

On weekdays, the City of Wadsworth Parks Department makes a determination as to whether or not to close each field by 3:30 p.m. Though the Parks Department also sometimes makes the decision to close fields on weekends, generally, after 3:30 and until game time - and on weekends and holidays - coaches and commissioners will make that determination. Once game time rolls around, umpires are responsible for deciding the suitability of playing on the field. At all times, no field should be used should it jeopardize the safety of players.

Check the current field status

Sports Field Calendar

The Sports Field calendar will allow you to toggle different fields on and off to make it easy to find an open time slot.  Check the current schedule for the Wadsworth Sports Field Calendar.

Requesting Time

Individuals or community groups wishing to reserve the use of a ballfield may do so by going to the appropriate park location page at or may contact Beth Lucas at 330-335-2708.

League/organization officials requesting more than 5 field reservations per season should enter an organization agreement and are able to schedule practice/game slots online with an assigned login.  

League Officials

League Officials are able to login to perform a bulk upload of their games

Field Use Guidelines

League Teams should contact their commissioners regarding field use. The Field Use Policy and Procedure guidelines (PDF) apply to all.