Gazebo Reservations

Reservations for use of the Gazebo located in East Park (Public Square) are accepted at the Office of the Director of Public Service at City Hall (2nd floor). There is no charge but reservations must be approved by the Director of Public Service.

Call 330-335-2708 for further information or email, fax (330-335-2711) or mail the Gazebo Reservation Application (PDF) to:

Beth Lucas
Gazebo Reservations
Director of Public Service
120 Maple Street
Wadsworth, OH 44281


All guests to our parks are reminded that they must comply with all City, State, and federal laws, in particular those pertaining to activities in public parks and other public property, including - but not limited to - those listed on the Gazebo Use Policy document (PDF). The street(s), sidewalks, tree lawn, and center islands are all part of the right-of-way and are considered public property.