Wadsworth Community Dog Park

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Leashes are required at all times when outside the dog park (ORC 951/10 B3a, b), but dogs may be unleashed once inside the dog park fence

Park Size / Dog Size

The dog park has been cordoned off based on animal size: 1 acre for smaller dogs (less than 30 pounds) and 2.58 acres for larger dogs (over 30 pounds). Please do not allow smaller dogs into the larger section and vice-versa. This is for your pet’s safety.


See the dog park rules below:

  • Use the park at your own risk. Owners must be responsible and are legally liable for the actions of themselves and their dogs.
  • Under Wadsworth R.C. § 951.10 (B)(3)(a&b), leashes are required at all times when outside the park. You may un-leash your dog once inside the fence, but you must leash your dog prior to leaving.
  • Dogs must be licensed, healthy, current on vaccinations and spayed or neutered.
  • No smoking, glass containers, alcohol, or human food are allowed in the dog park!
  • The park has been cordoned off based on animal size (over 30 pounds / less than 30 pounds). Please do not allow smaller dogs into the larger section and vice-versa. This is for your pet’s safety.
  • Clean up after your dog defecates. There are ample bags and waste stations to allow you to remove all feces. This minimizes damage to the soil and helps prevent intestinal parasites. Additionally, please utilize the appropriate "dog waste" containers for your pet’s bagged fecal matter. Trash receptacles should only be used for other waste.
  • Even if you’re socializing, remain vigilant at all times. Don’t take your eyes off your dog, and don’t let your dog wander off; accompany him/her at all times.
  • Ensure that your dog is properly trained and, at a minimum, knows the "Come" command when called.
  • If you know your dog has aggressive tendencies, don’t bring him to an off-leash park. Aggressive behavior won’t be tolerated!
  • Don’t bring young children into the park. Many dogs are not accustomed to being around children and your child could get hurt.
  • Dog toys should be used at your own risk. Wadsworth Community Dog Park is not responsible for lost, stolen, or destroyed personal items.
  • Discourage digging and fill any holes that are created.
  • If a grassy section of the park has been cordoned off, respect this, as these areas must be temporarily "rested" for proper rejuvenation.
  • Park users must be 18 years of age or older and may bring no more than 2 dogs into the park at a time.
  • Choke, pinch, harness and shock collars should be removed before entering the park.

The City of Wadsworth and the Wadsworth Community Dog Park Association are not liable for injuries to persons, other animals, or damage/destruction of your personal property.

For emergency assistance, please call 911 for the Wadsworth Police Department. Non-emergency services, please call 330-335-2790.

Veterinary emergencies should be directed to your local veterinarian or to Metropolitan Veterinary Hospital at 330-666-2976.

Our Story

The Wadsworth Community Dog Park organization, area business and volunteers teamed with the City of Wadsworth to build a dog park, with the goal of providing a safe, clean and secure environment where dog owners may exercise and train their dogs off leash without endangering or annoying people, property or wildlife and to provide effective socialization opportunities for people and their dogs as well as enhancing positive interaction between dog owners and the community. The organization also works to promote education and training and recreational activities that facilitate responsible dog ownership through the use of volunteers and with the support of the community.

The following individuals and businesses donated materials or services at greatly reduced cost or at no cost to the City: 

  • First Place Awards
  • Friends of Wadsworth Trails
  • Lowe’s
  • Medina Supply
  • Mid-West Engraving
  • Nelson Land Care, Inc.
  • Ohio Supply and Tool
  • OZ2 Design
  • Pet Boutique Two
  • Mike Earliwine
  • Meghann Hazen
  • Tom Stugmyer

Additionally, Wadsworth Veterinary Hospital made a significant financial contribution to the project, and the City’s Parks and Water Distribution departments assisted throughout the project. Considerable thought went into the planning of the park, including a 113-foot buffer space and arborvitae bushes along the south fence line.


Donations for the dog park may be made payable to Wadsworth Community Dog Park Association and sent to:

P.O. Box 216

Wadsworth, OH 44282

Please fill the memo line of your check with "dog park."