Quarterly Estimated Tax Payments

If your employer does not withhold Wadsworth City Income Tax, you can be billed quarterly for estimated tax payments based on your estimated income for the year. Please note: If your estimated tax is less than $200, you are not required to make estimated tax payments, and you will not be penalized for not doing so, provided your return is timely filed. 

Also note, the due date to make your final estimated tax payment is January 15 FOR INDIVIDUAL TAXPAYERS ONLY. Net profit tax estimates are still due by December 15. These changes have been mandated by the State of Ohio. You may change your estimates as needed if your circumstances change. If you need help changing your estimate, please call the RITA Help Desk at 800-860-7482, or just make the change on your estimated tax bill.

Please note: In order to receive estimated tax bills, you must request this each year when you file your annual tax return. If you did not do this, you can contact the RITA Help Desk at 800-860-7482, and they will set this up for you.