9/11 Memorial  and Safety Town Village


Paver Colors.Highland Stadium

The engraved paver fundraiser provides community members and Safety Town Alumni the opportunity to contribute to the permanent 9/11 Memorial and Safety Town Village through the purchase of engraved pavers. What a great way for individuals and entities to honor our families, our community, connect with the long standing traditions of the Wadsworth Safety Town program, and remember those lost on 9/11. The paver price includes the inscription as well as the brick paver. The paver size and engraving options selected will determine the pricing. The brick pavers will be placed along the 9/11 Memorial walkway. Your purchase will support the construction of the 9/11 Memorial and the permanent Safety Town Village.


Brick paver purchases will support the construction of the 9/11 Memorial and the permanent Safety Town Village. There are many unique ways to personalize your brick: 

  • Recognizing your family name
  • In honor or remembrance of a friend or loved one 
  • In honor of a person who serves in the military, law enforcement, fire or EMS service
  • Business or corporation support using your logo
  • Demonstrating Safety Town, school, or community pride – example: “Class of 2023”
  • As a gift 
  • An encouraging message or favorite quote

4” x 8” Engraved Paver with Text


4” x 8” Engraved Paver Text with Symbol


8” x 8” Engraved Paver with Text


8” x 8” Engraved Paver Text with Symbol


8” x 8” Engraved Paver with Corporate Logo


**If ordering a paver with a corporate logo, send a black and white crisp outline logo (no grayscale, color, scans or copies) to mraineri@wadsworthcity.org  for review and approval.  

The 9/11 Memorial will be located adjacent to the new Safety Town Village. The proximity of the location to the Fire Station enhances community engagement opportunities for annual school trips to the station as well as the many guided station tours that are provided throughout the year. The construction will also include a miniature village, walking and driving paths, and an educational pavilion. The Safety Town Village will provide a year round destination for families to enjoy and learn important safety related rules and lessons. 

There are additional donation opportunities available for the Safety Town Village that include sponsoring a miniature building, street naming, and general donations.

For more information on sponsorships and donations, contact Michele Raineri at 330-335-2705 or at mraineri@wadsworthcity.org.


History of Wadsworth Safety Town

For over (50) years, Wadsworth Safety Town has been providing children entering kindergarten week-long safety educational opportunities. Children learn valuable lessons on topics including fire safety, stranger danger, bus safety, vehicle passenger safety, pedestrian and bicycle safety, electrical safety, water safety, and many other safety-related topics. Oftentimes these are lifelong lessons and begin a beneficial relationship between children, students, their families, and members of the safety forces. Thousands of Wadsworth students have graduated from Safety Town and it is a hallmark safety forces community engagement program. It is also a legacy program where adults who have graduated from the program now enroll their children in the program.

Currently, safety town staffers use a parking lot/basketball court facility for hosting annual safety town weeks. Almost all of the buildings are gone and the remaining temporary buildings are in disrepair. The permanent facility will not only serve the two-week-long annual safety town program needs but also provide the public with a year-round educational and recreational destination for families to enjoy and review important safety-related rules and lessons. Based upon its popularity with citizens and the continuing support of the Wadsworth City Schools, the Sacred Heart School, and the City of Wadsworth, the Wadsworth Safety Town program has expanded to (2) weeks annually. Traditionally the program is held in July each year and designed to incorporate an age-appropriate, interactive curriculum presented by safety town staff, fire department staff, and school resource police officers, with the assistance of many teen volunteers. 

Every kindergarten child entering school in the Wadsworth City School District is invited to attend Safety Town. Safety Town runs 2½ hours a day for (4) days. The program is affiliated with the National Safety Town and the curriculum is tailored to teach children the safety skills they need to enter school while also teaching safety awareness practices in order to be safe in their surrounding environments at home and while out in the community.