Safety Director


Matthew Hiscock, Director of Public Safety

Matt Hiscock was appointed Director of Public Safety by Mayor Robin Laubaugh in 2008. As Director of Public Safety, Mr. Hiscock is the executive head of the City's Police, Fire and EMS Departments. As the executive head and appointing authority for these departments his primary responsibilities include personnel and fiscal management, as well as, strategic leadership for the Wadsworth Police, Fire and EMS Departments. Mr. Hiscock also focuses on city, state and federal policy and legislation in the areas of law enforcement, fire and EMS services, and citywide emergency management. In addition, promulgation of municipal rules and regulations regarding certain city traffic matters fall within the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Public Safety.

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Public Safety is the primary point of contact for any questions pertaining to event or solicitor's permits and may be reached at 330-335-2705.