Civil Service Commission


  • Ms. Laura Narduzzi, Chair
    Term expires: December 31, 2023
  • Mr. Russell Gregory, Vice Chairperson
    Term expires: December 31, 2025
  • Mr. Bill Hanlon
    Term expires: December 31, 2027
  • Tara McCulloch, Secretary

The Commission appoints one person to act as Secretary to the Commission. The Secretary is responsible for attending all of the meetings, taking minutes, keeping records and posting notices or other communications.

Responsibilities of the Commission

The Municipal Civil Service Commission of the City of Wadsworth is comprised of three members appointed by the Mayor and who serve six year terms in a manner prescribed for in Chapter 124 of the Ohio Revised Code. Only two members may be of the same political party. The Commission is responsible for administering and enforcing the Civil Service Laws of the State of Ohio and any provisions contained within Wadsworth City Ordinances.

The responsibilities of the Commission are as follows:

  • To establish a system of human resources methods that govern the appointment, promotion, transfer, layoff and disciplinary action of its employees.
  • To provide for an equal opportunity to all qualified applicants to compete for employment on a basis of demonstrated merit and fitness.
  • To establish and maintain a uniform and equitable plan of classifications based upon the duties and responsibilities of the position.
  • To promote high morale among City employees by providing good working conditions and opportunities for promotions.
  • To develop a program of recruitment, training, advancement and tenure to make a career in the City of Wadsworth attractive to applicants who possess both ability and integrity.


If you have any questions pertaining to civil service rules or processes, please contact the Secretary by phone at 330-335-2750 or by email.