Watch TV Everywhere

Visit the Watch TV Everywhere website.

Watch TV From Your Computer, Phone, or Tablet

Visit the Watch Everywhere site and register to view the Wadsworth Cable offerings you see at home on your TV on your PC, tablet or phone.

This is a service for City of Wadsworth Cable subscribers that have the Enhanced Tier. Networks available are based on the channels you currently subscribe to on Wadsworth Cable.


Registering requires entering WADS and then your city utility account number.

  • WADSxxxxxxxx-xxx
  • Each account may have up to 3 sub accounts; just use the same account number with separate emails and passwords.
  • WatchTVEverywhere will send you an email; click on the link in your e-mail to complete the registration.
  • Once registered, log into WTVE — click on the various offerings available to view them. Networks will be added and will vary, so check back frequently to see what is available.