Energy Management

Peak Rewards

Save Money. Save Energy. Go Greener. Do it all with Wadsworth Peak Rewards!

Peak Rewards is a new voluntary program for City of Wadsworth electric customers that helps to reduce high-energy demand when it counts most—during the hottest summer days when thousands of central air conditioners are running at the same time. Plus when you enroll, you'll earn $25 right away, then $40 every summer you participate in the Peak Rewards program.

Right Time Pricing

Take control with Right Time Pricing Now you can choose what you pay for electricity by when you decide to use it – and take more control over your electricity costs than you’ve ever had before.

Our new Right Time Pricing plan has been designed to encourage you to shift your heaviest energy use from times when electricity is in high demand to times when demand is much lower. Unlike the flat rate you are currently paying, it rewards you with a lower rate for using electricity during low demand or "off peak" times.