Bundle & Save

Bundle Percentages

Bundled Services

Who doesn’t love a good deal? CityLink customers can reduce their monthly bill and even pocket a few bucks by combining multiple services into one account.

Bundling your cable and VOIP (phone) services with CityLink Internet qualifies you for a monthly discount off your total bill, depending on which Internet plan you choose: 5% off for Tier 1, 10% off for Tier 2, and 15% off Tier 3. Use our rate calculator to estimate your bill after bundling.

Customers who choose a Home Area Network plan by combining our new Home Energy option with any two additional services will receive a $150 credit toward their Home Energy bill, a $10 credit each month from June to September ($40 total), an additional $25 credit just for signing up, and a free programmable thermostat or in-home display.