WCTV Clapper Awards


Click HERE to vote thru Sunday, October 17th.  

The winners will be announced at a virtual presentation on Thursday, November 18th, which will be live-streamed on WatchWCTV.com, WCTV's Facebook page, and WCTV Channel 17 (CityLink) and Channel 1024 (Spectrum).  Contact WCTV at 330-336-7919 or wctv@wadsworthcity.org with any questions.  


To nominate a program you enjoy watching, or one that you've produced, complete the Official WCTV Clapper Awards Nomination Form.  For the 2021 awards, eligible programs must have aired for the first time on our WCTV Channels or WatchWCTV.com between September 1, 2020 and August 31, 2021.  

The WCTV Clapper Awards are presented to the producers of the best programming on WCTV in the past year.  Each year we recognize one of our talented hosts with the "Host With The Most" Award, give Milestone Awards to producers of long‑running programs, and present Diamond, Platinum and Golden Disc Awards for the programs with the most hits on WatchWCTV.com. 

Please keep in mind that it is OK for you to nominate your own program. In fact, we encourage it! If you don’t tell us which episode you would like to be considered and judged, one may be selected randomly, or not at all. So please let us know which show is your best work.

Voting will begin take place in October. A link to the official online ballot will be available at wctv.wadsworthcity.com, the WCTV Facebook page, and social media.  

To determine the winners, nominated programs will be judged on popularity, and on the quality of the content and production. The “popularity” score will be based on the total number of votes received from online ballots.

The “quality” of each program will be judged by a panel of impartial media professionals, and will be based on presentation of subject matter, content, production quality, and overall impression. The combination of the “popularity” score and the “quality” score will determine the honorable mention, runner-up, and first place Clapper Award winner. In the event of a tie, the program with the highest “quality” score will be the winner.

Questions? Contact us at 330-336-7919, e-mail us at wctv@wadsworthcity.org, or post a message on our WCTV Facebook page.  The winners will be announced on the WCTV Clapper Awards presentation in November.



Click HERE for a complete list of winners.

Watch the awards presentation HERE: