Advertising Opportunities

See your local commercial on Wadsworth CityLink cable!
We have contracted with Prime Media to accept your ad insertion orders. Please contact our Prime Media Account Executive, Michelle Mullins at 317-671-3337 or by email for rates and availability.

High School Sports Sponsorship

Showcase your business during WHS Varsity Sports Productions (Football and Basketball) on WCTV. Games are broadcast on WCTV Channel 16 (CityLink) and Channel 1025 (Spectrum), reaching approximately 10,000 homes. 

A package includes: 

  • 4  30 second spots per game, plus at least 6 re-broadcasts of each game = minimum of 24 total spots
  • 10 total regular season games = 240 total spots for the regular season, plus unlimited exposures on

The total cost is $750 ($75 per game). If the Grizzlies make the playoffs, you can advertise in those games for an additional $75 per game. Limited space will be available in the games for commercial insertion. Make goods will be made as needed.