What are the top ten mistakes made when completing a city income tax return?

The most common mistakes when completing a city income tax return are:

Failure to:

  1. Use the largest wage figure shown on the W-2
  2. Accurately report local tax withheld
  3. Report income as required from Federal schedules C, E, F, etc., and/or attach the Federal extension if applicable
  4. Deduct business or rental loss carryovers from prior years
  5. Deduct unreimbursed employee business expenses if applicable (no longer deductible beginning in tax year 2018)
  6. Pay estimated taxes
  7. File a return for the year you move into or out of the City
  8. Pro-rate income for a partial year residency
  9. Include payment
  10. E-file or mail the completed return!

If reading this list raises a question for you, please contact the City Income Tax Office at 330.335.2745 or via email: LMiller@wadsworthcity.org.

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