Transfer Station Price Summary


There is a $2 charge for computer monitors and hard drives, dropped off at the Transfer Station. The Central Processing Facility in Medina will take these for free, but they charge the city for disposal. All other acceptable materials delivered will have a fee based on Section 959.04 of the Codified Ordinances of the City of Wadsworth.


Appliances are accepted at the Transfer Station for a fee of $5 each. Any appliance containing refrigerants must have a certificate of purging in order to be accepted.

Large Items

Large items such as furniture, carpeting, and padding, or mattress and box springs can be disposed of at the Transfer Station for fees based on total cubic yards.


Compactables such as regular household trash, furniture, carpeting, and bedding will be charged at $10 per cubic yard with a minimum of $2.


Non-compactables such as construction materials, rubber, flooring (other than carpeting), and similar items will be charged at $18.00 per cubic yard with a minimum charge of $4.

Refuse From Outside Wadsworth

Refuse from outside the City of Wadsworth or Wadsworth Township will be accepted only with proof of a utility account with The City of Wadsworth.

Transfer Station Price List