Program Overview

Wadsworth Peak Rewards for Business is a new energy management program for City of Wadsworth electric customers that’s so important, we’ll pay you to participate. You’ll earn $25 right away, then $40 every summer you participate in the Peak Rewards program.*

These rewards appear as credits on your electric bills. There’s no catch. There’s no charge. The program is completely voluntary.A man working a retail job.

Business Participation

But Wadsworth needs your participation. On the hottest summer days when thousands of central air conditioners in our area are all running at the same time, the demand for electricity can put a strain on our power supply. That’s where you come in.

Join now and we’ll install your choice of a web-programmable thermostat inside your business or an outdoor switch near your central air conditioning unit. These devices will automatically “cycle” your air conditioning unit on days when electricity demand is highest, helping to reduce demand when it counts most.

During these times, your unit’s fan will continue to run, circulating air throughout your facility. The program functions automatically, so participation requires your facility be equipped with broadband service.

How You Help

With Peak Rewards, you help:

  • Keep our power supply steady
  • Maintain electricity prices that are lower than the national average
  • Improve the impact on the environment by reducing carbon emissions

And you can save even more next summer by enrolling your electric hot water heater.**


* You'll receive a one-time $25 installation bill credit within 60 days of the device installation and a $10 bill credit each month, June through September.

** Participating electric hot water heaters earn a $1.50 bill credit each month, June through September.