About Our Services

When you choose CityLink as your Internet service provider, you’re getting more than a modem and a monthly bill. We pride ourselves on providing efficient and reliable high-level customer service that reflects our commitment to our subscribers and the community as a whole.

Have you ever felt the frustration of having your service call rerouted from one department to another when experiencing an Internet outage? As a valued CityLink customer, your service calls will immediately be directed to a qualified technician who can diagnose your issue, so you are back online in no time. Never again will you watch your day slip away while waiting on hold for someone to solve your connection problem!

Bundle & Save

Who doesn’t love a good deal? CityLink customers can reduce their monthly bill and even pocket a few bucks by combining multiple services into one account.

Bundling your cable and VOIP (phone) services with CityLink Internet qualifies you for a monthly discount off your total bill, depending on which Internet plan you choose: 5% off for Tier 1, 10% off for Tier 2, and 15% off Tier 3. Use our rate calculator to estimate your bill after bundling.

Customers who choose a Home Area Network plan by combining our new Home Energy option with any two additional services will receive a $150 credit toward their Home Energy bill, a $10 credit each month from June to September ($40 total), an additional $25 credit just for signing up, and a free programmable thermostat or in-home display.