Alarm Ordinance

Fire & Burglar Alarm System

As of January 16, 2017, the process has changed for security alarm system users. Security alarm system user registration has replaced the alarm system permit process. Fees will automatically be included on your utility bill at two-year intervals in March of the renewal year, if you are a current City resident with an alarm system in place.

(Registration requirement does not apply to township residents.) Alarm permits will now be issued only to alarm system dealers. New security alarm system users: please register with the utility office either in person or by printing off the Security Alarm Registration Form and returning it to the address referenced on the form.

You may also email it. Existing alarm system permit holders need to do nothing. Please notify the utility billing office at 330-335-2700 if you no longer have a security alarm system or if you have changes in key holder contact information.  

Alarm System Registration

Alarm system registration fees include:

  • $25 per 2 years for alarm system users
  • $100 per 1 year for alarm system dealers/agents

Effective December 2, 2005, alarm system users who live within the city limits of Wadsworth and alarm system dealers in the City of Wadsworth are required to comply with guidelines, registration, and permit fees, as set forth in Ordinance Number 05-044, adopted by the Wadsworth City Council on May 3, 2005. See the City of Wadsworth Code of Ordinances, Chapter 117, for details on the alarm system rules and regulations. Access the alarm registration form (PDF).