Preventative Patrol Report

You may have received a Preventative Patrol Report placed in your mailbox, on your vehicle, or at some other location at your home or business.

Purpose of the Report

The Preventative Patrol Report (PPR) is a form our patrol officers use to alert you of an unsafe condition that may potentially cause you to be a victim of crime. Such conditions additionally may "draw" unwanted attention to your property and cause a criminal to take advantage of you.

Our experience is that the vast majority of criminals look for the easy victim and situations of opportunity (i.e. open/unlocked doors, valuables left in plain view) to commit their crimes. The PPR also gives the patrol officer an opportunity to let you know that he or she is patrolling your neighborhood and keeping watch over your home, business, or vehicle.

If you have received a PPR, we politely request that you correct the identified problem and help us to better safeguard your valuable property in the future.

Report Feedback

The 'Preventative Patrol Report' is merely a courtesy on behalf of the officer. While it does not require any action on your part, the officers always enjoy receiving a voice mail or e-mail from an appreciative Wadsworth community member or visitor who has received a PPR.

All WPD email addresses use the following format: <first letter of officer's first name><officer's last name> For example,