Treasurer's Office

Uncertified Assessments

Certified Assessments are administered by the County Auditor’s Office. The City’s Treasurer, Lisa Jones, prepares and certifies special assessments on behalf of the City of Wadsworth.

If you are interested in determining the existence or status of any uncertified special assessment on real property in the City of Wadsworth, you may contact the City Treasurer. Requests can be made by fax, email or mail at addresses listed at the top of the page.

If faxing or emailing, please make your request in the morning for fastest response.

Included Information

You should include in your request the following information for each parcel of real estate you are inquiring about:

  1. Property address
  2. Parcel number (Please note: City of Wadsworth parcel numbers begin with 040-, 049-, 055- or 056-)
  3. Person to report to
  4. Contact information for response (your phone, fax, email or street address)