Water Modeling

Since 2004, the City of Wadsworth has had advanced capabilities for analyzing the impacts of future developments on the existing water distribution system. Using Watercad software, our engineering division develops a visual representation of the distribution system that allows us to analyze the effects of various demands and scenarios. It has become an essential tool in determining:

  • The City's ability to provide adequate water pressure for fire protection
  • Where to make distribution improvements and replace undersized lines
  • Where to best locate a water tower to maintain system pressures
  • The effects of a proposed residential subdivision or commercial development on water demand and the associated distribution system pressures and performance


The water model was useful in:

  • Helping determine that the water lines along College Street and Broad Street should be replaced in 2007 to allow further improvements for intersecting streets such as Westview and Stratford
  • Identifying and evaluating four potential locations for a new water tower, which the City intends to implement in 2007 to increase our storage capacity
  • Determining the improvements that would be necessary to the water system before any construction began at Wadsworth Crossings and the impact of that development on our distribution system