• Horse Pulls Buggy in Parade
  • Ferris Wheel and Other Rides at Carnival
  • Downtown Wadsworth Parade Float
  • City of Wadworth Work Truck in Parade
  • Carousel
  • Carnival Zipper Ride
  • Carnival Rides
  • Carnival Rides in the Dimming Light of the Sky
  • Blue Tip Match
  • Blue Tip Match Stands High Next to Gazebo
  • Blue Tip Match Next to Gazebo
  • Women Carry the City of Wadsworth Cable and Internet Banner in Parade
  • WCTV Man Interviews Children
  • Wadsworth Blue Tip Festival - World Unity Parade Float
  • The Oversized Blue Tip Match
  • The Merchants Tent
  • Shot of the Crowd from the Back of a Parade Float
  • Radio Booth at Parade
  • Parade
  • Parade Walkers Hand Out Candy
  • Parade Crowd
  • Parade Crowd on the Lawn
  • NASA Bus in Parade
  • Man Lights the Oversized Blue Tip Match

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