How do I request a refund for working from home due to COVID-19?

To request a refund, you must use RITA Form 10A, which can be found here: Refund request Form 10A. Please be aware that for tax year 2020, a refund of the tax withheld for your pre-COVID-19 work municipality, while you worked from home or another location, may not be available until litigation over this issue is completed (see Buckeye Institute, et al., v. Columbus City Auditor, et al, Franklin County Common Pleas Court Case No. 20-CV-004301.) RITA will hold your request for refund in a suspended status until this litigation is concluded. Should the conclusion of this litigation determine that a refund is allowed, your request for refund will be processed at that time. Should the conclusion of the litigation determine that a refund is not allowed, you will receive a notice that a refund is not available to you. If the refund is allowed, you may have to file an amended or an additional city tax form. You should still file the refund request form as soon as possible, as there is a three-year statute of limitations to request a refund.

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1. How do I request a refund for working from home due to COVID-19?
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