Why do electricity costs fluctuate so much?

It all comes down to supply and demand. The cost of electricity is higher when the demand is high and people are using a lot of electricity – typically in the morning and around dinnertime. In the evenings, on weekends and on holidays the demand for power goes down and so does the cost for electricity. With Right Time Pricing, the City of Wadsworth puts information, technology and control in your hands to take advantage of the lower rates that are available during off-peak hours.

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1. Why do electricity costs fluctuate so much?
2. Who is eligible for Right Time Pricing?
3. What are the benefits of Right Time Pricing?
4. What changes should I make at home to get the most savings from Right Time Pricing?
5. Will I pay extra for energy on weekends and holidays?
6. Will I need special wiring or a special meter to take advantage of Right Time Pricing?
7. Which Right Time Pricing device should I choose?
8. Right Time Pricing can lower my bill. But could my bill increase with this rate structure?
9. How long must I stay with the Right Time Pricing rates?