What are the different types of bond and when can I get my money back?

The types of Bond are as follows:

  • Surety Bond: Posted by a professional bonding company which guarantees the defendant's appearance in Court.
  • Cash Bond: The full amount of the bond set by the Court must be paid. When the case is completed, the entire amount will be refunded.
  • 10% Bond: The amount required to be paid is 10% of the amount of the bond. (If the bond amount is $5000, the amount you are required to post is $500.) When the case is completed, the Court keeps 10% of the amount posted and refunds the balance. (e.g. Of the $500 posted, the Court would keep $50 and $450 is refunded.)
  • O.R. Bond: Own recognizance bond or a personal recognizance bond is where no money needs to be paid. It is a promise to appear secured by the person's signature.

If you post a bond for someone and you want to make sure you (and only you) can get the money back, make sure you are named on the receipt as the person who posted the bond. If you are not named and the receipt is written in the name of the arrested person, that person will be able to use the money toward his fine and costs and the balance will be refunded to the arrested person. Your money will not be refunded until the case is completely finished. That could take several months.

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