David Williams

  1. David Williams


    Election & Service

    David Williams was elected as President of Council in 2023. He has served as Council at Large from 2014 – 2023. He served as chair of the Public Ways Committee for several terms, and as part of that assignment, became very interested in the City Parks. Seeing the need for a new vision, he started a Parks Committee in 2021, which completed a survey of parks and of the residents who use them, as well as recruiting a large pool of volunteers to do special improvement projects. 

    Mr. Williams was also a longtime member of the Economic Development and Planning Committee and served as the Council Representative to the Airport Commission. Previously, he served on the Stormwater Commission.

    Volunteer Work

    Mr. Williams’ interest in economic development and business includes county-level activities as well. He serves as a member of the Medina County Planning Commission and previously held the position of vice-president. He also regularly attends Medina County Commissioners meetings to gain a better understanding of current events in Medina County and how they apply to the citizens of Wadsworth.


    Having worked in the auto industry for 35 years, Mr. Williams was dealer principal of Williams Auto Sales for 13 years. Currently, he works as a realtor with Pro Edge Realty (formerly Allen and Hartzell).


    The Councilman completed the Ohio State Medina County Government Leadership Academy in 2017. He attended Wayne College and Chippewa Local Schools, and the General Motors Institute of Dealership Management.


    Mr. Williams has been working in Wadsworth since 1978, and he and his wife, Susan, have been residents of Wadsworth for 27 years. On weekends, they can often be found exploring parks and park systems all over the State of Ohio