Bob Thurber

Bob Thurber
  1. Bob Thurber


    Election & Service

    President of Wadsworth City Council Bob Thurber was first elected to office to fill one of the three Council At Large seats for the 2014-15 term. In 2016, his party tapped him to fill the Council leadership position when a vacancy occurred. Mr. Thurber served on the Public Safety Committee, Cable TV Commission, as well as the Economic Development and Planning Committee, which he also chaired. As President of Council, he is an ex officio member of all Council Committees


    Mr. Thurber opened Thurber’s Jewelers more than 30 years ago in downtown Wadsworth. His interest in hand-wrought jewelry and gemology -- which ultimately led to the Main Street business -- developed from a Jeweler’s Apprenticeship undertaken while he was still in college. Mr. Thurber enrolled in the apprenticeship at the same time he was completing his Bachelor’s Degree and Teaching Designation in Biology.

    Volunteer Work

    Among the many community boards on which he’s served, Mr. Thurber counts Main Street Wadsworth at the top for its entrepreneurial-mindedness and the desire to stretch every dollar. His involvement with the Main Street group spans over 20 years. A member of the Wadsworth Chamber of Commerce for 35 years, Mr. Thurber also served for a time as its president. He’s been a member of the Salvation Army and Crossroad Community Church Board of Directors as well.


    Mr. Thurber and his wife, Kim, have been married for 41 years. They are proud parents to a daughter and a son, and have lived in Wadsworth for 35 years.